How Email Hero Helps Making Informed Decisions

Effortlessly track all newsletter clicks and gain in-depth subscriber insights to understand newsletter metrics better.

Email Hero is a powerful tool that can help you gather the data you need to analyze the performance of newsletters sent by multiple brands and news-sites to millions of readers.

Precise click metrics

With Email Hero, you can track every click and see exactly where, when, and who clicked on what in your ESP or Google Analytics (or your preferred analytics solution).

For seeing the full picture, you can include data from your ESP in your UTM tags. For example, you can include the “send” ID in your UTM tags, which can make it easier to track the performance of individual newsletters over time. This can be particularly useful when you are running experiments or trying to determine which types of content are resonating with your audience.

Email Hero also makes it easy to track which content blocks perform well within your newsletters. Also, you can track the position of links within your newsletter and determine which positions are most effective at driving clicks. This can help you optimize your newsletters over time and improve their performance.

Additionally, ad links, such as Live Intent ads, are not altered so there is no need to define extra datasets for tracking these.

Forget manually adding tracking properties

Email Hero can automatically generate tracking codes for your ESP or third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

This makes it easy to gather data about the performance of your newsletters, including metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

With our solution, setting up and adding tracking properties to trackable links is a breeze. We think that setting up newsletter tracking is a once-in-a-lifetime project instead of a continuous effort: you should be able to set up 100% precise newsletter tracking all at once, for all the newsletters meant to send out.

Track only what’s needed

One of the challenges of tracking newsletters is ensuring that you are not collecting data that you should not be collecting, such as tracking links that violate user privacy.

With Email Hero, you can rest assured that you are not collecting data that could be problematic. Email Hero ensures that links that must not be tracked due to privacy issues are not tracked.

Additionally, ad links, such as Live Intent ads, are not altered ensuring data accuracy and reducing data inconsistency.

Give stakeholders the insights they need

Email Hero is an essential tool for data leads who want to drive informed decisions about newsletters.

With its powerful tracking features and ability to include data from your ESP in your UTM tags, Email Hero makes it easy to gather the data to optimize newsletters and improve engagement with the audience.

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