Streamlined newsletter operations for the largest publishers

Email Hero is a new opportunity on the market for large newspaper publishers looking to improve their newsletter management processes.

Our newsletter management software has been specifically designed to enable publishing companies revamp their newsletter strategy and grow further their already huge newsletter operations. Email Hero can handle hundreds of brands and all of their newsletters efficiently and effectively.

An efficient newsletter creation process saves time and resources

Our platform enables your organization to build custom newsletter templates that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your publication, as well as easy-to-use design features that will help create high-volume professional-looking newsletters by non-technical staff. By reducing the amount of time and resources spent on newsletter creation, you can free up staff to focus on other, revenue-generating activities or simply allows the company to reduce expenses.

High-quality newsletters boost brand value

Newsletters that engage readers and stand out from the competition lead to increased revenue and profits. Email Hero helps introduce new newsletters without extra effort, so your publications can serve niche demand and special communities with high-quality content. By improving the quality and quantity of newsletters, you can attract new subscribers and retain existing ones at higher rates to meet or exceed financial expectations.

Access accurate engagement metrics for informed decision making

Email Hero improves newsletter performance tracking, so you can gain valuable insights into readers' interests and behaviors. By using this data to inform content strategy and newsletter design decisions, publishers can create newsletters that are more relevant and engaging, which can lead to increased click-through rates and - ultimately - maximized revenue.

Deep integrations render Email Hero invisible

Email Hero integrates seamlessly with a range of other tools, including LiveIntent (ad network) and Google Analytics, ensuring that you can use our platform alongside your existing technology stack without the need to change production processes or introduce this new tool across departments.

New integrations and custom solutions can be added to Email Hero on demand to ensure that newsletter procedures are efficient and effective. We have a dedicated team to deliver seamless integrations with your existing tools .

Increase newsletter productivity and revenue growth with Email Hero

We are not reinventing the wheel, Email Hero connects and simplifies existing tools and workflows, without replacing those. The increased efficiency, productivity, and improved engagement will provide an easy-to-promise return on investment in Email Hero.

We offer custom-tailored features and integrations, and full-service onboarding for Email Hero, from the initial demo to the integration process, to ensure a seamless transition for publishers.

Book a call with one of our experts today and learn how our newsletter management tool can streamline publishing operations, save you time, and improve your bottom line.