Design engaging and visually appealing newsletters that drive results

Email Hero is a platform that enables you to create beautiful designs for newsletters, and manage newsletter templates based on branded email design systems, without any coding knowledge required.

Our visual, drag-and-drop email editor allows for flexible design editing, so you can create unique and personalized newsletter templates that perfectly align with your brand's identity, ensuring brand consistency.

Create a full-fledged design system and keep your brand consistent

Email Hero not only enables you to create email templates easily but also allows you to create a full-fledged design system, that ensures brand consistency. You can introduce brand variables, such as logo URLs, primary, secondary and any other colors, font-families, and define your own module libraries in your design system.

You can quickly build various templates from these modules, and override variables on the brand level, while preserving the same layout. Creating tenths or hundreds of newsletters on the same layout but easy-to-recognize, distinct brands is one of the main strengths of Email Hero.

This feature helps you keep your brand consistent across all your email communications, without having to worry about design flaws or inconsistencies.

Design everything that's possible in newsletters

With Email Hero, you can design everything that's possible in newsletters, including complex layouts and interactive elements. You don't need to compromise on your vision or spend hours communicating with developers to get the job done. Designing newsletter modules with Email Hero will more like using Figma or Sketch than the bulky email editors embedded in some ESP-s.

Deploy design changes to ALL at once

Our master template feature makes it incredibly easy (and fast) to deploy design changes to multiple newsletter templates. By linking a brand template to a master template, all of the changes in the master template will be automatically reflected in the brand templates, saving you time and effort.

Create designs that are automatically ready to use

We understand that communication with developers can be a pain point in the design process.

Email Hero lets you create your newsletter designs directly in the platform. Robust email HTML is automatically generated from your designs, which means you don't need to worry about the technical details or rely on developers to bring your designs to life.

You won't have to worry about ping-ponging design issues with developers anymore - your designs will be automatically ready to use as newsletter template.

Our platform generates shorter, higher-quality code than other solutions, meaning you can use more well-designed blocks in newsletters without sacrificing deliverability. And with unbeatable email code quality, you can be sure that your email designs will look great on all relevant email clients and devices.

More insights for a faster design iteration

Email Hero enables tracking newsletter clicks on a modular level, allowing the Design/UX team to make design decisions with confidence. Better newsletter click tracking means improved data and better insights that lead to engagement-optimized newsletters.

The modular design approach also boosts design iteration. Design experiments can be implemented within a day. You can deliver high-quality designs while meeting tight deadlines makes newsletter designing super-efficient.

Make a lasting impression with Email Hero

At Email Hero, we're dedicated to help you create email newsletters that make a difference. The visual newsletter builder, the module based email design system, and master templates ensure that you can design newsletters flexibly, fast, and confidently anytime.

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