Increase newsletter subscriber base and improve ad revenue

From creating and managing all your brands' newsletter templates to improving engagement metrics and controlling ad placements, Email Hero offers everything you need to succeed with newsletters.

No more ping-pong communication with devs

Slow dev processes and long waits for implementing small changes in email design make A/B testing and newsletter optimization a nightmare.

Email Hero offers a drag-and-drop email editor that allows anyone to create and manage newsletter templates with ease. With our platform, you can quickly make design changes to all (or any) newsletters and deploy them to the template cloud, all without needing developers.

Our product automates the process of filling out newsletter templates with content from your CMS, ad provider, social media, ESP merge tags, and UTM/tracking parameters, making it easy to send out newsletters without a single line of code.

Create, customize, manage, and keep up-to-date your newsletters

In charge of managing multiple newsletters, you understand the importance of efficient newsletter and brand management. That’s where Email Hero comes in to simplify your newsletter management and take your publishing to the next level.

Our platform offers a full-fledged newsletter design system that helps achieving brand design consistency. The newsletter templates and master templates that are built on top of those branded design systems are never be outdated from an email code perspective because Email Hero generates fresh and updated newsletter code on the fly.

Flawless design and control over ad placements

Beyond the up-to-date newsletter code, Email Hero offers modular email design blocks and master templates that enable high customization options while ensuring brand consistency, all within an easy-to-use visual email builder.

You can easily add or rearrange any newsletter modules - including ad placements and social media embeds - anytime you want. Changes you made in a master template can be applied to all “child” templates with a push of a button.

Achieving a 100% perfect subscriber experience and making changes to ALL newsletter templates immediately is NOT impossible anymore.

Manage multiple newsletters at scale

Managing multiple email newsletters can be hard, especially when trying to ensure consistency across the board.

With Email Hero, you can create and manage hundreds of newsletter templates with a small team, ensuring brand consistency across all newsletters.

To help newsletter managers oversee newsletter processes, our platform offers an audit log function that shows the events of users and integrations on a timeline, making it easy to track changes and supervise editors.

Precise tracking for improved engagement

If you ever struggled to hit company/team ad revenue and newsletter subscriber numbers, and it was hard to show that email newsletter revenues can be calculated and dependable.

Our platform allows precise click metric tracking, enabling you to see the impact of your newsletters on your subscribers, all in your existing analytics solution.

Based on those metrics you’ll be able to see more in-depth subscriber behavior. This and the ability to introduce new special newsletters at ease leads to more subscribers while retaining existing ones.

Increase newsletter productivity and boost subscriber engagement with Email Hero

Email Hero is the perfect solution for the publishing industry looking to simplify newsletter management, increase the subscriber base, and optimize newsletter designs. With the visual email editor, modular design blocks, and master templates, you can take your newsletters to the next level without the constant need for developers.

Schedule a call to discover Email Hero today to streamline your newsletter management process.