Centralize newsletter operations, increase subscriptions, engagement, and ad revenue

Create new niche newsletters and launch experiments quickly while maintaining brand consistency.

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Lead the digital change

Simplify newsletter processes to boost productivity

Drive change in newsletter publishing. Simplify CMS to newsletter processes, ensure brand consistency, and improve subscription figures with Email Hero.

Automate niche newsletter creation with AI, or introduce social media embeds to increase engagement.

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Newsletter productivity.

Take control of your newsletter management

Boost subscriber growth and improve Ad revenue

Simplify newsletter management, eliminate rendering issues, and experiment with confidence.

Introducing new newsletters has never been easier, allowing you to expand your offerings and reach new audiences.

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boost newsletter subscriber base

Say goodbye to outdated newsletter templates

Focus on creating engaging content for the communities your e-newspapers serve.

Tired of outdated and inflexible editorial newsletter templates?

Make newsletters visually appealing and engaging to subscribers while keeping brand consistency intact.

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brand design consistency in newsletters

Deliver Engaging Newsletters Effortlessly

Pull data from your CMS into your newsletter templates

Preview emails and newsletters from your CMS with the final content, even breaking news.

Control ad placements within the email newsletter design and include social media embeds to increase engagement.

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Engage newsletter subscribers with quality content

Gain in-depth insight into newsletter performance

Connect with your analytics tool and track clicks, click-positions, and subscriber engagement with ease.

No more data inconsistencies, just insightful answers to stakeholder questions.

Make data-driven decisions and elevate your newsletter strategy to new heights.

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Precise newsletter metrics

Seamless integrations with your existing tools

Introduce more efficient processes by integrating your existing tools with Email Hero, without replacing any of them. The custom-tailored integrations ensure that Email Hero fits into your organization's workflows, providing a frictionless experience.

Pull live data directly from your CMS. We integrate with everything, from Wordpress to a custom-made system.
Push the final newsletters (with your CMS data) to your ESP, for example to Salesforce, Sailthru, or Omeda.
Your Ad provider's code (eg., LiveIntent) gets automatically inserted, whether its native ads or classic ads.
Analytics links are automatically generated. They can be Google Analytics UTM params, or your ESP's own dialect.

Secure and reliable newsletter management

Email Hero is a secure and scalable newsletter management platform with advanced security features, ISO 27001 certification, and SAML-based authentication.

Hosted on AWS with detailed audit logs and multiple redundancies, Email Hero is reliable yet easy to use.

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ISO 27001 certification.

Efficient newsletter processes that save time, reduce costs, and free up resources

Our platform offers customizable newsletter processes and easy-to-use design features that allow non-technical staff to create high-volume, professional-looking newsletters.

Email Hero lets you launch new newsletters that will engage readers and stand out from the competition, leading to potential revenue and profit increases.

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financial/operations leaders can be superheros

Streamlined newsletter template management

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